With hills so steep, and trails so rough
Our joy was to ride when the going got tough
From morning to night our engines they roared
As cresting the hills our spirits they soared

Along came the state and purchased our land
Fenced off our trails whole areas were banned
Hills that were leveled and trails that were groomed
Carnegie was lost Its riders were doomed

A decade ago they touted a deal
To add to the park but it wasn’t for real
Leased to a rancher to graze a large herd
Riders forbidden eventually demurred

A neighbor with friends went to the court
To close our state park an order was sought
The order was signed but later reversed
The canyon was closed. Our park it is cursed

A draft general plan was raised from the blue
Caught in the strands of the witches’ brew
its purpose severed by a web of deceit
They erected a fortress our dreams to defeat

They shout and they dance their mantra of hate
they want all our trails their vengeance to slake
Stirring the cauldron their opponents to cower
an agenda they share their motives are dour

Reclaiming our voice with rallying cry
We won’t back down or be put out to dry
Carnegie Forever, our demands will be heard
We won’t let go, our passions are stirred

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3 Responses to POETRY CORNER

  1. Robert says:

    wow very interesting all you have to say

  2. Dave Duffin says:

    You’re a poet;
    I didn’t know it.

  3. Dave Duffin says:

    Like Spencer’s The Faerie Queene from England and La Chanson de Roland from France, we now have the Epic Poem of Carnegie by Dame Diana Tweedy. Hip, hip, horay!

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