Imagine my surprise when I was flicking through the channels on my TV and caught an ad that really blew me away. I don’t have cable and this was a Red Bull motocross themed advertisement on broadcast television during prime time. I imagined that my television had gone haywire and I was watching cable ads during super-cross coverage. The thought crossed my mind that I had been teleported to the Twilight Zone. No this was real and broadcast televisions do not pick up cable. I still could not believe what I was seeing.

It was a shot of a Honda CRF-250 R racing through a berm, over some whoops and over a step-up jump. Then the rider threw it sideways for a tremendous whip over a huge tabletop. When the rider pulled over and took off their helmet, it revealed the pretty, confident face of Ashley Fiolek. I was blown away. In all my years I have never seen a motocross rider ripping it up on prime time, much less a woman motocross star. As the camera panned onto Ashley who was communicating with her hands via sign language it turned out to be an ad for Red Bull.

For those who have been hibernating in a cave for the past few years, Ashley Fiolek, twenty years of age, is a deaf motocross racer in the Women’s Motocross Association who was 2008 and 2009 Pro National Champion. 2008 was her rookie season and she dominated on her Red Bull Factory Honda. Ashley also won 2009 and 2010 x-games gold medals in Super-X Women’s. She had a cover shot on Transworld Motocross. That was a first and she was also the first woman to be signed onto the Red Bull Racing Team.

Although I have been a fan of Jessica Patterson since it seems like forever, it is hard to resist this beautiful young face that has emerged as the next chapter in woman’s professional motocross.

Way to go Ashley and Red Bull and Honda. You rock. Here is a link to the ad.

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