If you haven’t been to Carnegie recently (or even if you have), this weekend is a good time to experience some really great riding. There are trails for everyone from beginners to experts, and areas where you can get off the main trails.  You can pick up a map online at

Everybody should be able find something to keep them  entertained. You have to realize that it is summer. Traction is sketchy and a few of the trails are whooped out (from racing). If you have a mini bike or a vehicle with limited clearance, you will have to watch it. Ask the rangers when you enter the park to find out where to ride if you have any concerns.

The park officials say that they have our best interests at heart. Of course they have to work within federal and state guidelines and check registration, make sure bikes have spark arrestors and the like. Like everyone, they have to follow the law.

They are generally friendly and want us to know that they are there to help us. Wave and say “Hi” next time you see them. If you have any questions, you can visit the ranger station. Also, now is a good time to go to their website and make comments about the new general plan. They need to know what we think.

I am not saying that my other posts are irrelevant, but you have to look at everything from a real life, get out and ride point of view. Carnegie is still a great place to ride. Taking your off road bikes to Carnegie provides a unique riding experience and is good family fun for everyone.

While you are at Carnegie be sure to visit MotoMart. They value our business and often have just what you need at a good price. You don’t have to go home just because you have broken a clutch lever or bent your bars. Imagine what it would be like not to have MotoMart, and so don’t forget to support Tony  by picking up something for your bike. Tony also does excellent engine and suspension work. If you have bike problems that you can’t fix yourself, he can often get you going again.

Does all this sound like I love Carnegie because I do. You can ask my husband. He will tell you where I always want to go on the weekends.  Even though I don’t want to see Carnegie get over-crowded, I want to share the good times. It is all about having good legal fun on our dirt bikes.

There are isolated areas where you can often spy a hawk or a deer. (Just be sure to pull off the trail if you stop). There are also lots of places where you can open the throttle and zip up and down the hills. It isn’t hard to find single tracks that wind back and forth through the chaparral. Just remember that the trails are all two way and so take appropriate precautions going around blind turns.

If you want to race against your buddies, there are tracks for everyone from mini-bike riders, to ATV riders, to motocross bikes. Also there are organized races and hill climbs. Just check Carnegie’s website and go to Carnegie SVRA Events.

In short, Carnegie is far from dead and the whole point of celebrating our riding area should not be lost on those who are just itching for a ride and need an excuse to take out their bikes. I expect to see you next weekend.

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