2012 Hangtown Lucas Oil Classic

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Yoshimura Suzuki’s James Stewart swept both motos for a 450 class win. After grabbing the holeshot in the first moto he battled with Team Chaparral Honda’s Andrew Short but assumed the lead position prior to the end of the opening lap and was never challenged until he took the checkered flag.

In the second moto Stewart battled with Mike Alessi and Ryan Dugey but took over the lead and eventually pulled away. It was refreshing seeing Stewart after his long absence in motocross. The question going into this series is whether he is still the fastest man on the planet or have the others caught up to him.

In the 250 class Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett, raced to his second straight overall victory at Hangtown, winning both motos. In the first moto Baggett had to work his way to the front while Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen, and GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia battled for the lead. By the moto’s end Baggett closed the gap and made a last-lap pass on Roczen for the moto win. In the second moto Baggett worked his way past Barcia for the win.

In the Women’s Motocross Championship Rockstar Energy Racing Suzuki’s Jessica Patterson, took the overall win by getting a pair of runner up finishes to beat Team Honda Muscle Milk’s Ashley Fiolek, who got a second (1-5) and Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil Honda’s Tarah Gieger, with a consistent third (3-3).

450 Class (Moto Finish)
1. James Stewart,Suzuki (1-1)
2. Ryan Dungey, KTM (3-2)
3. Mike Alessi, Suzuki (7-3)
4. Andrew Short, Honda (5-4)
5. Brett Metcalfe, Suzuki (4-5)

250 Class (Moto Finish)
1. Blake Baggett, Kawasaki (1-1)
2. Justin Barcia, Honda (3-2)
3. Ken Roczen, KTM (2-3)
4. Ivan Tedesco, Kawasaki (6-5)
5. Eli Tomac, Honda (4-10)

WMX Class (Moto Finish)
1. Jessica Patterson, Suzuki (2-2)
2. Ashley Fiolek, Honda (1-5)
3. Tarah Gieger, Honda (3-3)
4. Meghan Rutledge, Kawasaki (8-1)
5. Sayaka Kaneshiro, Honda (5-4)


Dave Pickett who is the director of District 36’s Legislative Action Office arranged the special area for dignitaries to watch the race. This year Congressman Dan Lungren hosted the dignitary area. His presence reinforces the idea that voting and electing the right person is important.


Ryan Hughes, who is a retired motocross racer, who was a top 10 finisher for over 19 years, was ready to show that he is not over the hill and lined up on the start with the other racers. During his day Hughes had 10 amateur titles. He won Sacramento in 2003 and was in contention for the AMA 125cc U.S. Motocross Championship with five other overall podium finishes.

The next year he raced a limited AMA 125cc Motocross Championship season with a third-place moto finish at Sacramento and had two, overall top five finishes on his Red Bull KTM. Then in 2005 Hughes raced his Suzuki in the AMA 125cc Motocross Championship, earning an overall podium finish at Southwick and earned three top-10 finishes in the AMA 250cc Motocross Championship that year.

More recently Ryan Hughes won the 2008 Vet World Championships at Glen Helen. Now he is training the present generation of racers including Jessica Paterson. Ryan lives and breathes motocross, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a part of his daily routine and he eats locally produced organic food. He is the epitome of fitness and motocross knowhow (the animal).

Jessica Patterson who is considered the top woman motocross racer of all-time was beaten by Ashley Fiolek in ’08 and ’09 in the WMX series. In 2010 Patterson came back for the win and then lost to Fiolek last year. Now in his fourth year with Patterson, Hughes works on good conditioning and nutrition. “He’s changed everything,” said Patterson. “Just the whole package — both mental and physical.”

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