Don’t Forget to Attend the Carnegie General Plan Meeting Scheduled for June 10th if You Ride Off Road


The state is working on a new General Plan. The next meeting, the second of three public meetings regarding the new General Plan, will take place in June. We need to be there because it will affect everyone who rides at Carnegie. See:

This workshop presents three concept alternatives that were developed based on reviews of natural and cultural resources, comments and ideas from the first public meeting, an online survey, stakeholder meetings, discussions with agency representatives, emails and letters, meetings with tribal representatives, and the many other public comments we received.”

Many of these individuals are not riders.  They have their own agenda and it has nothing to do with off road recreation. The emphasis is on natural and cultural resources. Some of them assert a spiritual or religious affinity to our land. Their world view is based on a battle between good (themselves) and evil (us).

The Tesla property (bought over fifteen years ago) is part  of the battle. We still can’t ride there. It is ridiculous to think that a few trails are going to result in such desecration. There are trails mapped with GPS wave points. They go around protected resources and need to be opened.

Carnegie is our park (1 0f 8 State Off Highway Vehicle Parks) while they have 272 non-OHV parks where they can impose their values.  We can’t ride in their parks (which we support financially with general fund moneys) and now they want to take away our right to ride in our parks.

These are many of the same people who went to court in an unsuccessful attempt to close down Carnegie in 2009. Karen Schambach is California’s PEER coordinator and now they have filed a lawsuit to effectively close Ocotillo Wells SVRA in Southern California. See:

They will never give up.

They also want to create trails for non-OHV recreation in our park. They don’t understand the concept of an off-highway vehicle park.

If that happens it won’t be long until we are banned completely. Remember what happened to Mammoth Bar in Auburn when we let the kayakers use our access road. They complained of noise from the motocross track and banned us from riding even on the trails several days a week including one day on the weekend.

We own Carnegie. It is our park purchased and maintained with our money (registration fees, gas tax for fuel used off road and OHV use fees).

They will be at the public meeting bombarding the staff with their anti-OHV comments. If you are reading this page you know who you are.

It is time to step up to the plate. If you ride and want to keep Carnegie as the place we have come to know and love and if you want to open up the new property, please get involved and come to the meeting. Bring your friends. Bring your children. Bring your relatives. Bring everybody who loves to ride.

Public Workshop
June 10, 2013
6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (drop-in anytime)

Tracy High School Cafeteria
315 East 11th Street
Tracy, CA

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