A Letter to my Congressional Representative

I cannot fill out your survey about whether I support attacking Syria because, typically, it assumes that president, Bashar al-Assadthe Assad, used chemical weapons against his own people.

The media has not released any information conclusively pointing to Assad as the culprit beyond contentions of the rebels (it is a civil war) who know that if they say Assad used weapons of mass destruction against his own people we will enter the war as their allies with our own weapons of mass destruction (missiles).

Besides you congressional representatives are all wealthy and invading Syria supports your investment portfolio in the military industrial complex. Raytheon stocks surged when Obama threatened to attack Syria with American made missiles.

We don’t want to attack a country that has not threatened American interests. Even if Assad has used weapons of mass destruction against his own people, there are international treaties that call for economic sanctions before threats of international force can be applied. They do not call for overt attack with missiles from a county that has not been threatened.

In Iraq Bush called it a preemptive strike. Obama doesn’t even have that bogus excuse.

After trillions of dollars and being forced to leave by Iraq’s new president, Jalal Talabani, whom we helped install (totally corrupt) the country is still a mess of terrorist attacks and counter attacks. It just doesn’t make the evening news anymore now that we have pulled out.

You can paint me incredulous. I believe that our American government (Democrats and Republicans) are in bed with private monopolies that help elect them through generous campaign contributions. They don’t care about the welfare of the middle and lower classes.

See: http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/09/10/the-rich-get-richer-through-the-recovery/#postComment

The gap between the rich and the poor has not gotten any better since Obama was elected the first time.

Obama’s highly touted stimulus mostly benefited Wall Street and its wealthy investors. Don’t forget that 90% of all Wall Street investments are owned by the top 1%. The Wall Street banks and investment firms  are the same crooks who brought down the economy with their shenanigans and were rescued by the taxpayers thus adding to the deficit.

Regulations in the Frank Dodd Act preventing banks from betting on their customers’ savings with risky investments (the Volker rule on proprietary trading) or preventing them from becoming to big to fail have not been put in place.

These policies help our elected leaders because most of them are extremely wealthy and have their own investment portfolios. The rest of us are not doing so well with high taxes, high unemployment and high immigration (which keeps wages down).

Then there is Obama’s health care legislation which it turns out is anything but a guarantee of health care for all Americans. The highly touted”Affordable Care Act” is not affordable and forces everyone to purchase health insurance through the private marketplace.

It is a dog and pony show put on to convince Americans that health care can be made affordable even though middlemen reaping huge profits (the insurance industry) have made health care in the US more expansive than anywhere else in the world.

It puts taxpayer money in the pockets of insurance companies and wealthy investors while requiring that the rest of us purchase insurance with high deductibles and co-pays. The lowest cost bronze plans only pay 60% of medical bills.

The Obama administration has done nothing to bolster its own credibility. We have paid into Medicare all our working lives and now the Obama administration is cutting benefits by taking away almost half a trillion dollars from Medicare to pay for the new Obama Care “catastrophe” over the next ten years.

This will result in higher costs for Medicare beneficiaries and lower compensation rates for providers causing most of them from to stop taking Medicare patients.

Many employees (or parents and spouses of employees) fear they will lose health care benefits because they are losing retiree health care and are paying more for what they have. They fear that they will be thrown to the wolves of the medical insurance cartels  in state exchanges where premiums, deductibles and co pays are going up and have been rising steadily since the law was passed. The price of health care will not go down under Obama Care.

The Obama administration says that we will get help paying for sky high insurance premiums and out of pocket costs with federal subsidies in insurance exchanges. In other words, taxpayers will help taxpayers pay premiums and out of pocket costs. As if that makes any sense. This a subsidy to the insurance industry because it bolsters their already obscene profits. They can  pass on the increased costs to their customers.

Although it is true that insurance companies can be prevented from selling insurance on exchanges if their premiums increase too much, we will have to see if it has any impact on premiums. Medical-loss ratios affect how much is paid out to policy holders for benefits in relation to the cost of premiums. A good tax attorney or accountant can manipulate the data so that those ratios never reach the cut off point.

Many Americans won’t be able to afford to use health insurance they have been force to purchase due to high deductibles and co pays because they don’t qualify for subsidies.

This is true because the health insurance cartels can do almost anything they want. There is no real competition. They have been exempt from U.S. anti-trust laws designed to fight the unfair power of monopolies to control markets. The only other exemption is for Major League Baseball.

You can paint me incredulous. I believe that our American government is in bed with private monopolies and doesn’t care about the welfare of the middle and lower working classes. I am fed up and disgusted.

It won’t be long now before the rest of the country wakes up from the lies it has been fed and realizes that Obama Care and the rest of his policies represent welfare for the rich and economic ruin for the hard working middle and lower classes.

I say Impeach  Obama and the rest of our federal and state representatives and send them to jail for lying to the American public.

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