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Vicki Golden turned a few heads this year at the 2013 Summer X Games in Los Angeles by winning a bronze medal in the Moto-X Best Whip contest. Who would ever imagine that a lady would be invited to compete in Best Whip much less get on the podium?

Vicki Golden is a twenty-one year old female racer from Southern California. She competes against the guys within the high flying, tight, supercross like battlefield of Arenacross racing. The aggressive moves she makes to pass her rivals are are commonplace in this type of “take no prisoners” competition where the field vies for top honors in a stadium full of screaming fans. She is certainly no lady if you know what I mean.

Before the X-Games event she got sponsored by Metal Mulisha becoming the first female rider for a team created by Brian Deegan to showcase freestyle competitors.

She also won the Women’s X-Games Motocross becoming a three-time gold medalist in the Women’s competition.

What is next – maybe someday qualify for a Supercross main?

See: http://xgames.espn.go.com/rally-moto-x/article/9376209/wmx-racer-vicki-golden-joins-metal-mulisha-aims-pro-supercross-license

Transworld Motocross magazine are big fans of Vicki Golden. You have to check out the Transworld Motocross site for the full story.


PostScript: Golden qualified for the premier Arenacross class in March 2014 in Hidalgo Texas, securing her third and final point necessary to complete the Road to Supercross. As a result, Golden becomes the first woman in the history of the sport to earn an endorsement to compete in the 250SX Class of Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship. See: www.metalmulisha.com/blog/golden-earns-her-supercross-license

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