The Carnegie General Plan: Make Your Comments On Line and Send in the Comment Form before December 13th

Please review the Carnegie SVRA on line workshop where you can review the information packet and comment on the Preferred Concept at

Note that you can make ON LINE COMMENTS about the plan, or pretty much say anything concerning the future of Carnegie and what you want it to be for you and your family and friends.

You need to submit comments online and/or send in comment cards before December 13th, the final deadline for comments.

Don’t forget that folks who are not friendly to OHV recreation of any kind will be submitting letters and form letters to the vendor working on the General Plan. You need to get engaged, and send in something as simple as “our family recreates off road, and this new General Plan MUST include OHV recreation as its primary purpose.”

As  OHV enthusiasts, we support Carnegie through registration fees, entrance fees and gas tax on gas purchased for off road use. Our funding supports the entire state OHV program. Don’t let them take our park away from us with specific areas devoted to non-OHV related activities.

The duty to preserve and protect historical and cultural artifacts and natural resources does not necessarily require building a museum in Carnegie SVRA. The proposed museum is not related to expanding and managing State Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Areas for sustained long term use as required by California law. This proposal was cooked up by “Friends of Tesla” to get their foot in the door.

PLEASE  forward this to any and all  of your friends, and ask them to participate. The outcome of this General Plan process needs motorcycle related business input also. DON’T COMPLAIN LATER IF YOU DON’T GET INVOLVED NOW!! ! And don’t forget to check out the PRAIRIE CITY SVRA GENERAL PLAN that is also in process.

We want to thank District 36 from whose website much of this was borrowed (with some modifications). See:

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