On February 10, 2013 a huge contingent of Carnegie riders and supporters (including many Livermore residents) attended the Livermore City Council meeting to speak up for responsible OHV recreation. This was done in response to the city  council’s decision to form a committee to review the EIR for the Alameda/Tesla Expansion at the behest of our opponents. These are some of the same tactics that were used to pressure  East Bay Regional Parks District to include what they call “Tesla” on their map of potential acquisitions. “Tesla” is in reality the Alameda/Tesla Extension to Carnegie SVRA, a state park.

It all began with an an article in the Independent Press about how our opponents attended a Livermore City Council meeting to obtain their cooperation to defeat the Environmental Impact Report for the Alameda/Tesla Expansion (they refer to it as “Tesla”). The mayor told us that they were only reviewing the EIR for its impact on the city of Livermore. Does he think the EIR could show an impact on traffic, congestion, parking, pollution or any other issue that directly affects the city?

Regardless, the Mayor said that the Livermore  City Counsel could not consider our request because we had not filed the necessary paperwork to formally put the decision to review the EIR on the their agenda for that meeting. We were allowed to address the City Council as individuals; and stressing that we are voters as well as riders, we let them know exactly what we thought of their decision and why our opponents are mistaken.

In the end about two hundred off road riders showed up at the Livermore City Council meeting last night to voice their support for the Alameda/Tesla Expansion. Everybody was polite and respectful and they were careful to make their points concisely without repetition. It was inspiring to see all these normal citizens speaking at a public forum to counter the lies propagated by our opponents. It make me proud to be an American.

See Don Amador’s Blog:

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