Letter sent to Mountain Bike Action printed in TRAIL GRAMS under the caption STAY OFF OUR TRAILS 12-16-13.

To whom it may concern;

In your article “The Shocking Truth of the Electric Mountain Bikes” you sent potential buyers to ride on OHV trails with their electric assist bikes. These bikes are a hazard to other trail users and create bottlenecks. Except for a technicality they would have to be registered like everybody else including off-road motorcyclists.

Just because potential buyers can’t ride on local mountain bike trails, you are encouraging them to ride on OHV trails. That is not fair to the off road vehicle community. It is part of a plot to take over our trails.  Come on have some sense. Send them elsewhere.

Diana Tweedy
San Joaquin, California

OHV trials are designated for off-highway vehicle use, but they are in no way closed to other users. Mountain bikes (human powered and electric assist), as well as hikers and equestrians, are permitted on OHV trails – although it would not be a lot of fun, if there are many OHV operators who view other trails users as “bottlenecks.”

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2 Responses to THE BIG GRAB

  1. Diana Tweedy says:

    It looks like they have come up with a partial solution to the problem of where to ride their electric assist bicycles. California assembly bill 2173, would redefine “motorized bicycle” by renaming it a “low-speed electric bicycle”. The the maximum power output would be 750 watts, and it would weigh no more than 80 pounds. This proposed law would allow bike path use for well-defined electric bikes. Maybe the mountain bike equivalent of “electric bikes” should be encouraged to go to mountain bike parks if they don’t want to ride on bike paths. See:

    Do they think that electricity comes out of a wall socket? According to the EPA the combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity is the largest single source of CO2 emissions in the nation. These electric assist mountain bikes are not environmentally neutral. Even pedal powered bikes require a lot of energy to manufacture and with the advent of carbon fiber even more energy is consumed in the manufacturing process. This is more true today than ever with globalization and the fact that most manufacturers go overseas to countries where power is inexpensive. This means that they go to countries that mostly use coal. Yuck…

    Hi-Torque publications which publishes Mountain Bike Action also publishes Electric Bike Action. Here is a direct quote from one of their reviews:

    “Still, the irony of hearing opposition to off-road e-bikes from those in the knee-pad and full-face-helmet camp is pretty rich, as it has been these same types of riders who themselves have caused so much havoc with hikers and equestrians over the years.”

    Is he talking about downhill mountain bikers or off road motorcyclists? Either way, the writer shows his true colors. Their editorial staff seems to think that we are an off road equivalent of the Hell’s Angels. Funny I am a hiker and an experienced equestrian but I have never been terrorized by the “knee pad and full helmet crowd”

    The same publisher also publishes Motocross Action and Dirt Bike Magazine. Huh? Oh yea… All they care about is money! They expect to make money forever. They think that they can ignore the problem of fewer and fewer places to ride. Dirt Bike Magazine encourages the use of low decibel exhausts (a step in the right direction). But nobody in the media acknowledges that we have to get organized and do something about loosing places where we can legally ride our bikes. When there is no place to ride they won’t be selling any magazines.


    On a related topic: Has anyone driven their car through Berkeley, California lately? It seems that some of the bicyclists there have a sense of entitlement. They believe that the roads were built solely for them and insist on riding in the middle of the main thoroughfares causing cars to slow down to 5 to 10 miles per hour. Can you say road blocks? Sometimes they ride two or three abreast. The law says bicyclists are supposed to stay to as far to the right of the roadway as is reasonably safe. Their response is that they do not feel safe with traffic passing them on the left. These bicyclists are making our roads dangerous for other users especially when drivers get exasperated and pull into the opposing lane to get around. Then when the car stops at the next red light the bicyclist has no problem riding to the right and passing stopped traffic and then pulling into the middle of the traffic lane in front of the stopped cars. Where are the police when you need them? This is clearly unlawful and dangerous behavior. It is the behavior of egotistic and spoiled children. Don’t they realize that there are almost always neighborhood streets running parallel to the main thoroughfares that they could use if they are afraid of riding with traffic passing on the left.

  2. Two-Stroke Tweedy says:

    I don’t know about you, but the idea of a quiet dirt bike appeals to me from a not getting caught point of view. A good dual sport would probably do the trick as long as it has a fairly light battery with good range. It has to look like a regular mountain bike and perform like a down hill bike. I don’t need an electric motocross bide because I already have a few non-electric motocross bikes. I just need something for the hills. I read that they are having electric assist bike competition. What the… Isn’t that cheating?. .

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