Dear Off Road Enthusiasts;

The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division of California State Parks invites you to join us for Carnegie SVRA Visitor Appreciation Day on Sunday, October 19th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The General Plan team will be at the State Parks booth at Carnegie SVRA (18600 W Corral Hollow Road, Tracy, CA) to provide the latest project updates and distribute Fact Sheet 3.

You can also visit http://carnegiegeneralplan.com/ to read Fact Sheet 3 for the latest project updates.

Thank you for your continued interest in the planning process!


The Carnegie SVRA Planning Team


Carnegie Forever says be there or be square and also don’t forget to visit the District 36 booth, the Carnegie Forever booth and Moto Mart to sign the petition for exclusive OHV recreation at Carnegie.

We are opposed to the efforts of anti-OHV activists to include non-OHV related activities in California State OHV parks like Carnegie and Prairie City. There are 272 state parks devoted to non-OHV activities where we can’t ride and only 8 state parks set aside for off road recreation. We need to hold onto the few parks where we can ride including Carnegie and Prairie City.

The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program was created to better manage off-highway recreation in California. The legislature recognized that facilities for off-highway vehicles had to be expanded. Today this self-funded program is the largest and most successful program of its kind in the United States. OHV enthusiasts pay to play (registration fees, fuel tax and use fees) and we have a financial stake in parks like Carnegie and Prairie City.

“Carnegie was open free of charge for the 3rd Annual Carnegie Visitor Appreciation Day sponsored by the Carnegie SVRA Staff and directed by Superintendent Randy Caldera. Over 30 displays from cycle dealers, tire companies, accessories and riding gear companies were on hand.  Raffle tickets given at the entrance entitled attendees to win prizes donated by the vendors.”


“Bob Elliott (Chairman of the San Joachin County Board of Supervisors) his wife Debbie and their granddaughter attended the event this year. Visitors were greeted by KTM factory team racer; GNCC, Enduro Cross and X Games Champion, Kacy Martinez, who signed autographs at the Carnegie Forever booth.”

Dave Duffin

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  1. Peter Otoole says:

    Looks like you riders are keeping very busy. I wish you much luck in your projects.

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