Chuck Oliver – January 1942 until December 2014: Gone But Not Forgotten

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7 Responses to Chuck Oliver – January 1942 until December 2014: Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Dave Duffin says:


  2. Peter Otoole says:

    Very sad ending to a long fight.He was such a great man and husband. May Chuck R.I.P.

  3. Robert Tweedy says:

    So sad to loose such a great man. He was with Diana for about 40 years. Love that will be in her heart forever. Chuck and Diana will be in my heart forever. May Chuck R.I.P.

  4. Bonnie Hall says:

    Diana, Chuck will live on in your loving memories of him.

  5. Ed and Norma Alari says:

    Diana, We are so sorry to hear of Chuck’s passing. May he rest in peace. Diana you are in our thoughts and prayers too.

  6. jacquiephelan says:

    Ouch, Diana, I was tearful when I read your first letter to me earlier this winter, and now i’m just…filled with awe, sadness, and hope you’ve a good network of folk around you in this horrible cold winter without your man. I appreciate your letting me know, too, so I wouldn’t be in the dark.
    I hope this year will bring more light as the days grow longer. Your loss is shared by all Chuck’s beloved.

  7. Diana Tweedy says:

    My best friend asks me why am I so heartbroken over Chuck’s death. How did I find someone so compatible? Or were we psychic twins torn apart by fate?

    No we were not twins in any sense of the word. We were very different individuals with very different interests and personalities. I was interested in literature and sports while he was interested in technology, HAM radios and computers. We were not overly compatible although neither of us had particularly combative personalities. We discussed the philosophical and political questions of the day and had a similar views.

    It might seem that I am being maudlin and sentimental, but the secret of our relationship was love. Isn’t that true for almost all long term relationships? It was a passionate romantic love when we were younger and it grew stronger and more resilient as we matured. Sure we had our small disagreements and fights but the only thing that mattered was that we loved each other passionately. We did everything together and were almost never apart for very long. In the beginning I was a student at U.C. Berkley financing my education doing work study and he worked in a photo lab developing transparencies for professional slide shows. At that time we both read a lot and went on long walks where we took and later developed photographs of what we had seen. Neither of us rode bikes.

    At Redwood Road we met the East Bay PITS trials contingent and watched them do amazing things on their bikes. We both bought trails bikes. Eventually we competed in local trials and helped put on events through the East Bay chapter of the Pacific International Trials Society (PITS). Chuck was president of East Bay PITS for a few years and we were both very involved in trails. At events we camped out, cooked over a small kerosine stove and afterwards had a few beers with fellow competitors around a blazing campfire. At night we took refuge in our little tent. Once in a while there would be a fierce mountain thunderstorm and we would watch lightning streak across the canvas from inside the tent while the rain pounded down outside. By day when we weren’t riding or checking we often took photographs and put together slide shows and videos.

    We also went to MX races where I raced my 1976 YZ-125 and Chuck was my mechanic and pit crew. Once a year we packed up and went to San Diego for the Women’s Nationals (in those days it was a one day event). But mostly we raced at local tracks like Bay Lands, Sand Hill, Dixon, and Prairie City.

    He often took me to go riding at Carnegie and together we fought to preserve our park. When I went for a ride he worried if I was gone too long and was invariably waiting for me when I got back. We did so much more including raising his daughter, Emily, and his grandson, Gerizel. We were a together for almost 40 years. In the end I took care of him just as he had looked after me whenever I was injured after a particularly gnarly crash. The only difference being that I recovered and he never did. He finally lost his fight with cancer after a three year battle.

    Our love was a gift from heaven and also a great curse. The house seems so empty and sad without him. I am going to load my bike and go to Carnegie. Maybe that will help dry away the tears…

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