Riding My Trials Bike in my Front Yard

trials in yardDSCN9837

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3 Responses to Riding My Trials Bike in my Front Yard

  1. Robert Tweedy says:

    The photo is very nice, I kept looking for a story about riding in the front yard. Like a story about how you can make even a simple front yard into a fun place to ride. So here is the story I was expecting.
    Why load your bike into your truck and drive all day so you can ride your bike in the hills. By the time you get there it is nearly time to go home. If you can find a hotel you can stay for the next day. Now you are running into real expenses just to ride your bike. When the whole time you could of been riding for free in your front or back yard.
    Let me introduce you to Trial Riding also called Mototrials and Observed Trials. It is a non speed sport event on specialized light motorcycles. As with lots of riding you can use any kind of motorcycle.The sport is most popular in the United Kingdom and Spain. Although there are participants all around the world.
    The object of the sport is to negotiate a marked course (section) without putting a foot down, stalling or going outside of the marked section. Within the marked section are all kinds of obstacles. like logs from trees, river banks, rocks, tight turns and any other obstacle that can be thought of. In racing there are a few sections where the riders are given about three minutes to complete each section. Usually there are 10 sections that are done in order 3 times. At each section there is a person called a checker who gives out penalty points. One penalty point is given out each time you touch the course with one part of their body (mostly their foot) up to three times. The most you can get is a three except that 5 penalty points are given out if the rider looses forward momentum while touching the ground, crashes or goes outside of the markers. After all the competitors complete all the 10 sections three times the winner is picked out with the lowest points.The loop which is the course between sections can be difficult but is not scored.
    Now back to your back yard or front yard. Because the race has nothing to do with speed you do not need a lot of room to set up a course. All you need are as many obstacles as you can come up with. Plus a course as big as can fit in your yard. You could even use both front and back yards to make the sections bigger. Then you are all ready to spend your time practicing. You could even hold a race with all your biker friends. Use their wives or friends as penalty people (checkers) at each section. Have fun !!

  2. Diana Tweedy says:

    Thank you Robert for your excellent explanation of this post. The one thing that you forgot to mention is that my trials bike is so quiet that it does not disturb my neighbors when ride it in my yard. I have put obstacles and tight turns in both my front and back yards. I need someone to take a video of of me riding these sections and then I will add the video to my post. Anyone up for it?

  3. Diana Tweedy says:

    I was riding over this log the other day and the bottom of my bike hit the stump sticking out at the top and the bike threw me to the ground where I landed on some half buried rocks. I went to the emergency room but there was nothing broken. I can’t ride until I get better because I am still in a lot of pain. My bike wasn’t even scratched. The bike comes out unscathed but not me. Isn’t that the way it usually turns out when you crash even if it is only in your front yard?

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