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Carnegie News and a Heart Felt Thanks to the Rangers and Others for Making our Dreams Come true.

I went riding at Carnegie last weekend and had a lovely time on my WR-250F. I just kept on riding because it was such fun just swooping through the turns. I was still having fun later in the day when … Continue reading

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The following is a copy of a notice published by Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission: NOTICE OF MEETING OFF-HIGHWAY MOTOR VEHICLE RECREATION COMMISSION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Commission, pursuant to authority contained in … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton: The Deplorables – What Is In A Word?

I think that Hillary made a mistake calling half of Trump’s supporters a basket of deplorables. I have a Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary here in my lap and there is no noun deplorable that can be made a plural by … Continue reading

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More fiddling by the EPA on Ethanol standards

The EPA has re-issued a rule that had previously been defeated by the American Motorcycle Association. The EPA is allowing gas stations to sell E10 out of the same pumps as E15. This is the fuel which is destructive to … Continue reading

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