More fiddling by the EPA on Ethanol standards

The EPA has re-issued a rule that had previously been defeated by the American Motorcycle Association. The EPA is allowing gas stations to sell E10 out of the same pumps as E15. This is the fuel which is destructive to motorcycles and some older cars and trucks. In order to keep concentrations of E15 down, the EPA is requiring that if you pick the safer fuel (lower concentration of ethanol) you will have to purchase at least four gallons. This prevents miss fueling when the fuel left over from a previous purchase gets into your mixture. Although their intentions are good, it  won’t work for motorcycles with smaller gas tanks that have fill up on E10. What do they think we should do… Let the rest of it overflow onto the ground because our tanks aren’t big enough to hold four gallons? And how many gas stations are going to sell the both blends from different pumps?



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1 Response to More fiddling by the EPA on Ethanol standards

  1. Robert Tweedy says:

    It seems to me the EPA does not understand the situation. This reverse of the rule effects so many people. I wish you all good luck in fighting it again.

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