Hillary Clinton: The Deplorables – What Is In A Word?


I think that Hillary made a mistake calling half of Trump’s supporters a basket of deplorables. I have a Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary here in my lap and there is no noun deplorable that can be made a plural by adding an “s” as in deplorables (my spell check doesn’t approve of the word either). She has got it all wrong. My dictionary says deplorable is an adjective like a deplorable band of followers or a deplorable politician but you can’t have a basket of deporables.That just doesn’t make sense.

It is an adjective or in other words a word modifying a noun. Itis defined as meaning bad or wretched something or other. The dictionary defines wretched as deeply affected, dejected or distressed in body or mind; or maybe extremely or deplorably bad or distressing. Wait, the deplorably bad definition goes back to defining deplorable as deplorable. Isn’t that a tautology? The dictionary gives us one more clue; being or appearing mean miserable or contemptible. Or how about this; very poor in quality or ability. OK so we get the picture. This basket of deplorables is not something we would want to bring home to meet our mothers.

If we take her words in context, she prefaced her comment with the idea that the deplorables are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.” Wow that about covers the worst of the worst of humankind – sort of  like the Nazis who put all the Jews in concentration camps and gassed them. She should have been clearer and called them deplorable, horrible, wretched, morally repugnant evil human beings. She could have left it at that and we would have understood her meaning. Otherwise people might get the idea that she hasn’t mastered the English language or uses it without regard to the accepted rules of grammar.  My God she is a lawyer. They never use language loosely or to purposely deceive others unless they are collecting a bill for services rendered like the innkeeper in Les Miserables.

And Hillary, get this, is implying that the basket of deporables are the ones who are intolerant. Excuse me! What the %*#*^&*…

Maybe it is just a misspelling. After all Mark Twain once said I don’t give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way. I guess he would approve of Hillary’s use of the word deplorables. It is not hard to decipher her meaning given her political posturing. This speech is a clear attempt to do Trump one better in the art of the put down. But instead of putting down her opponent like any other politician worth his or her salt, she has managed to malign half of all the voters who cast their ballots overwhelmingly for Trump in the primaries. I guess she only stands for some of the folks in this country and she will treat her opponents as trash that has to be thrown out with the garbage – Les Deplorables.


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2 Responses to Hillary Clinton: The Deplorables – What Is In A Word?

  1. Mark Martinez says:

    I hate her

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  2. Robert Tweedy says:

    You sure let out an awful lot of ideas on one word. Which does not exist in the plural sense. This is what I would expect from you since you were an English major. Very well explained by the way. My thoughts are Clinton just made a small error in the use of a word she may have regretted making.

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