Carnegie News and a Heart Felt Thanks to the Rangers and Others for Making our Dreams Come true.


I went riding at Carnegie last weekend and had a lovely time on my WR-250F. I just kept on riding because it was such fun just swooping through the turns. I was still having fun later in the day when everybody else had left.

Part of the reason for the great ride was that I had had my suspension done by 707 Racing Suspension a few months ago. Owner, Joel Burkett, who has been riding and racing for 15 years, lowered my bikes almost an inch, rebuilt and re-valved my suspension. He re-valved two of my bikes (CRF45oR and WR250F). My WR-250 turns a lot better and I have started wearing out the outside knobs on the rear tire from sliding it around turns. It also turns like a rabbit to avoid rocks and other obstacles with a just a tug on the bars. It really made a difference in how my bikes handle and how they track through rough terrain and through huge whoops. You Carnegie riders know what I mean. Riding Carnegie in the summer is no picnic. See:

On a different note; I also want to give a big collective thanks to Carnegie park personnel and rangers who are doing everything in their power to keep our park open. OK, so maybe we can no longer ride our unofficial hill climbs and the historic single tracks looping around the park, but we still have someplace  to ride and that is a huge plus.

Sometimes I get too fixated on what we lost to be grateful for what we still have. I want to give a big hug to head ranger Randy Caldera and his staff at Carnegie for working so hard to keep our park open. They have devised a New General Plan and Environmental Impact Report that can satisfy everyone. Nice…

I also want to salute riders like Pete Krunich and Mark Speed for making  single track trails approved by the authorities presiding over our park. The park personnel can’t do it themselves and they asked the riders for help. Pete and Mark volunteered. They have already created single track trail systems throughout the park. Pete and Mark are both expert riders who ride extreme terrain for fun when they aren’t working on the new trails. Pete fashioned a plow for the rear of his bike to clear the trails. He claims that it improves the bikes handling in the soft stuff.

Pete Krunich and his son Pete Junior (Petey), a multiple hill climb series champion with an arm full of watches (trophies), are both super competitive professional hill climbers and Mark just rides for fun but I dare you to keep up with him. Two of his sons, Shane and Kyle Speed are are also pro hill climbers and very fast up the steepest, gnarliest hills. They all grew up riding at Carnegie and that is why they are so outstanding.


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2 Responses to Carnegie News and a Heart Felt Thanks to the Rangers and Others for Making our Dreams Come true.

  1. Dave Duffin says:

    Well that is one of the best summations I have heard!

  2. Robert Tweedy says:

    I am very happy to hear things are working out OK at Carnegie. Sounds like you have some good people helping and supporting your park.

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