Ding Dong the _______ is Dead


On October 21, 2016, California’s Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Commission held a public hearing to consider approval of the 2016 Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) General Plan and certification of the associated Environmental Impact Report (EIR). At the hearing, planning team staff presented information about the general plan development process, proposed land uses, resource conservation efforts and associated environmental impacts.


Randy Caldera with Ted Cabral commission chairman

The presentation was followed by several hours of public testimony. After deliberation, the OHMVR Commission voted unanimously to certify the EIR and approve the General Plan. The updated General Plan will serve as a guide for future development, management, public use and resource protection for Carnegie SVRA over the next 20 or more years. The planning team thanked everyone for their contributions to the development of the 2016 Carnegie SVRA General Plan. This represents the culmination of fifteen years of hard work by the OHV Division and various Carnegie riders’ organizations.


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5 Responses to Ding Dong the _______ is Dead

  1. Dave Duffin says:

    You are now in charge of all of our public relation writings.

  2. Diana Tweedy says:

    Thank you, but it was just a rush job copying what had already been said by others. I wasn’t in town and could not attend the meeting. In my blog I left out giving a huge thanks to park superintendent, Randy Caldera, the OHV Commission, the OHV Division of State Parks, Carnegie park staff and all the good people who have helped all along to get this accomplished; people like Dave Duffin, Dave Pickett, Pete Krunich, Mark Speed, Jerry Fouts, Diana Meade, Oli and Sherry (the list goes on and on). The what do you call it is not dead. Our opponents will go to court and attempt to overturn the decision. The elites won’t give up their fight against our public park until they have killed it outright. As they say “Let them eat cake”.

  3. Robert Tweedy says:

    Sounds like everything at the meeting went well. It is great to know the OHMVR Commission voted unanimously to certify the EIR and approve the General Plan. I am happy the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area has been approved after 10 years of fighting for it. I just pray your opponents do not cause more trouble. I wish you all many happy years of motorcycling at Carnegie.

  4. Diana Tweedy says:

    Do you remember the time that Dennis convinced you that you could take my bike down that very steep hill and you jumped off before disaster struck? I rode it back up for you so you could go down the fire road. It is always hard being a beginner on your sister’s bike. It is kind of like skiing once you get used to it. I admire you for even trying to go down that hill. It would have scared me silly if I hadn’t ridden for a long time and had never ridden off road before. You are brave my dear brother.

  5. Diana Tweedy says:

    We should not despair just because Celeste has announced that she will go to court to overturn the Carnegie general plan and environmental impact report. This is par for the course for the so called “environmentalists”. Once the environmental impact statement is approved they go to court to argue that the project will have negative consequences and ask the court to overturn it. However, the Division hired their own environmental experts responsible for designing the general plan and the environmental impact statement. They know the law and what is required for approval. The commission approved it unanimously. Basically it is very restrictive and the Alameda/Tesla expansion has been made to satisfy all the concerns of our opponents. The trails are deigned to thread through the park and avoid sensitive areas thereby leaving about one third of the park altogether natural with no off road trails. Too bad the same can’t be said of our opponent’s cattle ranch.
    I don’t see how we can lose and I see no reason that our Christmas should be ruined. They file lawsuits as a matter of habit and lose quite a few. This is going to be one of the ones that they lose. We just need somewhere to ride. Lets go kick some ________.

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