If You Live in Ward 2 Consider Voting for John Roberts for East Bay Regional Parks District Director.

If you are a voter in East Bay Regional Park District’s (EBRPD’s) Ward 2 of: Piedmont, parts of Oakland, or mid-Western Contra Costa including Orinda, Lafayette, Canyon, Moraga, Rheem Valley, Rossmoor or part of Walnut Creek, you have a chance to vote for Mr. John Roberts to the Director seat at EBRPD. I highly recommend John Roberts. Vote for him to represent mountain bikers and off road motorcyclists especially if you ride at Carnegie and if you are against East Bay Regional Parks District’s effort to incorporate our new property into their own park system for non OHV recreation. I am on the board of directors of Carnegie forever and we endorse him.

It was not long ago when the EBRPD held a board meeting to consider the matter of the Alameda/Tesla property purchased by the CA OHV Division of State Parks.  This property was purchased with off-highway funds in the 1990s and has been the subject of much controversy. The EBRPD, in that meeting attended by many Carnegie supporters, heard from many groups on both sides of the issue (whether to take it over our property as a non OHV Recreation park). Yet the EBRPD has kept this property on its master plan and continues to mention it in its agenda. This despite the fact that on October 21 The Carnegie Expansion Master Plan got final approval in Sacramento. It would not be a bit surprising if the same people that have kept this OHV property on EBRPD’s master plan, try to prevent it from going forward once again.

East Bay photo alameda meeting 9.11.12ss

Riders attend the EBRPD meeting

EBRPD is extremely restrictive of mountain bike access. In general, “personal conveyances” are only allowed on tracks more than 8 feet wide only with few exceptions and not at all in some of their parks. This overly restrictive policy disregards the public’s interests.

The leading candidates for the EBRPD Director seat include endorsees of the current Board, such as a former park district supervisor as well as a former board committee member both with long histories of close ties to the management that has gotten us to this juncture. We can’t allow the same transgressions to be repeated in the future.

We can send a strong signal to the EBRPD by supporting John Roberts. He is a family man with a long career in financial governance and is a long time off roader. He frequents East Bay parks on mountain bikes with his children and is passionate about increasing access to our parks. He is a lifetime member of AMA, the BRC, District 36, BTCEB, CORVA, and FOJMP.


You can learn more about him at www.JohnRobertsDemocracy.com/recreation and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013483359151

“My ‘CAT’ platform stands for Community, Accessibility, and Transparency. Community involvement makes for the best parks, and helps the essence of democracy flourish. Accessibility provides park visitors fair treatment despite socioeconomic, race, handicap, or recreational diversity. Transparency…”


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2 Responses to If You Live in Ward 2 Consider Voting for John Roberts for East Bay Regional Parks District Director.

  1. Dave Duffin says:

    Me toooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  2. Robert Tweedy says:

    I sure hope that John Roberts wins the position as the East Bay Regional Park Director. Sounds like he would be on your side to keep riding at Carnage. I wish you much success. Your CAT platform is an excellent attitude to have. Fun for everybody.

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