Another Important Message from the American Motorcycle Association – We Have No Time to Lose


Support the California OHV Program

Vote Yes on AB 1077!

The California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation program is slated for renewal due to a sunset provision that was included in the previous program authorization. Unlike Senate Bill 249, which the AMA opposes because it would seriously change this important program, Assembly Bill 1077 simply seeks to build on its success and remove the unnecessary sunset provision.

AMA members and, indeed, all OHV recreationists must immediately contact their elected officials and remind them of the benefits the program provides to every citizen and visitor to California. It is important to remind them that the OHMVR Program uses no general fund monies and is in fact based on a user-pay, user-benefit model. Monies used to pay for the program include those taxes collected on fuel, State Vehicle Recreation Areas entrance fees and vehicle registrations (green and red stickers).

A.B. 1077 is a simply, clean bill that deserves the OHV community’s support.

It is incumbent on the California Legislature to deliver on the promises made during previous OHMVR Program re-authorizations that this and similar “user pay, user benefit” programs remain untouched. The OHV community has long paid their own way and will continue to do so as long as these monies are used for their intended purpose.

Go to the top and click on Vote Yes on AB 1077! to urge your legislator to vote for this very important bill. We need your support. Please don’t delay. We have to have everybody recommend that the legislature to pass this very crucial bill.

To show your support for A.B. 1077 enter your information in the fields above and clicking on the red “Submit” button.

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1 Response to Another Important Message from the American Motorcycle Association – We Have No Time to Lose

  1. Dave Duffin says:

    We have to get this on the C4E blast

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