My Brother’s Obituary – The Uncensored Version


Lexington, MA —Christopher Ralph Paterson Tweedy, died Friday, May 19, 2017 in Lowell, Massachusetts.

He leaves his daughter, Joanne Tweedy, his son, Mark Tweedy, his sister, Diana Oliver from CA, and brothers, Robert from Los Angeles and David from England. He also leaves his ex-wife Margaret and his stepdaughter, Helen (some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent).

Christopher was born in Concord Massachusetts on January 9, 1963. He grew up and went to school in Lexington Massachusetts. His father was an electronics engineer and his mother was a psychologist/social worker and house wife. Christopher graduated from Lexington High School in 1982.

Christopher had a hard time growing up with severe dyslexia that made it difficult for him to read and do well in school.  However, he had a lot of friends, a sunny disposition and a ready smile.

He started his own landscaping business after graduating high school. Then he met his future wife, married her and had a couple of lovely children.  He loved playing with the kids and roughhousing. He also liked to play chess, ski, play hockey and go to the beach with his dog Bandy.

Eventually he got divorced and was separated from his children. His life had its ups and downs but he knew that he could always rely on the support of his parents.

What happened next was a nightmare of drugs, prison (he always maintained his innocence) and the mean streets of the city. He couldn’t get a job and ended up homeless in Boston. He told me that he avoided shelters because, as he said, they were scary.

He finally got a place to live in Lowell with his father paying rent. When the apartment building in Lowell was condemned he ended up on the floor of the living room in an apartment he rented from two friends. His father was senile and his mother had died ten years earlier. And then he lost his father.

After his father’s funeral everybody said their goodbyes and scattered off to their cars. When the last of the guests went out the door, Chris looked lost, alone and left out. He had no place to go. He loved his family too much.

Then he went back to Lowell, went into his tent and overdosed on heroin. The Lowell police found his body a few days later. His life was tragic and he will be missed more than words can ever express.

A funeral service will be held in June at Lane Funeral Home in Winchester MA followed by cremation and a reception?.  Please make donations to the CharityWatch Partnership for Drug Free Kids in lieu of flowers.

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14 Responses to My Brother’s Obituary – The Uncensored Version

  1. Dave Duffin says:

    Now at rest and at peace.

  2. Diana Tweedy says:

    He was my baby brother and I miss him with all my heart.

  3. Deb Morrison says:

    I am so sorry, Diana. This is so very sad.

  4. Diana Tweedy says:

    Thank you Deb. I loved him very much.

  5. JoAnn says:

    I was wondering where he was, this makes me so sad. He really did love his family and had much respect for his brother and sister. May you rest in peace Mr. Tweedy.

  6. Diana Tweedy says:

    He was found in a tent in Lowell. His backpack and bicycle were left outside. I don’t know any more than that. The Lowell police found him after we contacted them and told them that he was missing. Thank god for the Lowell police department. I can only say that I miss him and I loved him very much. He was such a dear to those that knew him.

  7. Kristy mcfadden says:

    Chris I WILL MISS YOU BUNCHES…💘 LOVE CHRISTY, and family….meow,,Oreo….XOXOXOXO

  8. Diana Tweedy says:

    Thank you Kristy. We all miss him.

  9. Mrs. G says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, I never knew his background but I felt bad and passed on Dunkin Donuts Gift certificates here and there.

  10. Diana Tweedy says:

    He told me about your kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. michael coburn says:

    This is a big loss for me. I had to separate myself from Chris because he was no
    longer the person who I was very close to. Chris was one of my best friends in life
    and I feel very sad that he hasn’t been a part of my life. Chris and I spent alot of time
    together growing up and you could not have asked for a better friend. He was very
    giving, nice and would help you out no matter what. I’ve always missed Chris and
    cared deeply as a friend could. I am out of life’s loop so I did not find out till recently.
    A part of my life has just gone empty to hear this. I missed you Chris and i’ll always
    love you as a brother.

    Your Friend;
    Michael Coburn

  12. Diana Tweedy says:

    Thank you Michael. I remember you were his friend before his life got all screwed up with drugs.I miss him a lot too (every day). See: for a little bit longer take on Chris’ tragic life.

  13. Tom says:

    Diana I’m so sorry and heartbroken to hear that Chris died. I always considered him as a brother. I became separated from him because it was devastating to me to watch him deteriorate. He had the biggest heart. He was kind and generous to a fault. He always amazed us that he could figure out things that others wouldn’t think of. One time he used a piece of plywood to quickly clear a driveway of snow. He was fun and funny. Even though we hadn’t talked in a while I ‘checked in’ on him and worried about him. He didn’t deserve the horrible things that happened to him. I NEVER believed the accusations against him. He was too nice and kind to ever commit what was alleged of him. I know it’s little consolation but at least now he’s free. I’m truly sorry

  14. Diana Tweedy says:

    It is heartening to hear that Chis had some real friends in his life. We understood that he had a huge heart and we never believed that he could have harmed a child (especially his step daughter). I loved him so much… See

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