A bicycle ride near the ocean

I went for a bicycle ride yesterday and ended up getting lost. Here are some pictures including the picture of the mountain side I climbed up with my bike by my side and a picture pf a church playing some beautiful blues music that I could hear from the outside. But mostly they are pictures of the Albany Bulb which is a thirty acre peninsular in the middle of nowhere. There used to be a homeless encampment there but the city of Albany agreed to pay $3,000 to 28 Bulb residents in exchange for vacating the area so it can be transformed into Sylvia McLaughlin Eastshore State Park. It still looks like a dump but not from the homeless. It is full of rocks, construction debris, road building materials and stuff dumped there by the city or some other government agency. They never bothered to clean it up and some former residents and other local artists made it into the wonderland it is today.

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1 Response to A bicycle ride near the ocean

  1. Dave Duffin says:

    Looks like “Burning Man By-the-Sea”

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