Carnegie in the pits

The North American Hill Climbers Association (NAHA) is the most prestigious organization in the sport of hill climbing in America. The NAHA is an organization of professional hill climb competitors and events held primarily in the western United States. The best hill climb athletes and bikes compete over a five race series. The events are generally run on ungroomed uphill runs, with some hills over one thousand feet in elevation change. The nitro national series is coming to Carnegie April 13th – 15th  2018. See:


“The series kicks off the pro hill climb season at Carnegie on Harrison Hill which has been considered one of nature’s most formidable vertical challenges. This will be the first time in half a decade that anyone has been allowed to attempt this world renowned hill.  According to some of the competitors most of the riders will never ever see the top.

For the thousands of individuals and families who come to Carnegie State Recreational Vehicle Park, an afternoon conquering the hills atop their off road motorcycles is pure fun. Some call it heaven on earth especially in the winter time when there is plenty of traction. Our best hill climbers will most likely be showing the outsiders the way to the top of Harrison.

“The big deal for competitors on Sunday is the return of Harrison’s Hill, a 600-foot climbing event that at its steepest is a perilous 65-degree incline that most conquer in less than 60 seconds”, said Skip Horne, the former owner of Skip’s at Carnegie, the park’s concessions stand and also a former event sponsor (the Horne family’s last event will be at Carnegie on March 17th).

Horne said. “Back in the 1970s, it was first climbed by a guy named Bill Harrison. Some  years ago, it was closed off (by state park officials) because we used it too much. Now, with a new regime, we can use it again. It’s an awesome hill.”

“This is like something you see at the X-Games,” said Harold Waddell the defending champion.

Qualifying will begin at 9am on Saturday and the National will run from 9am-5pm on Sunday. The country’s best Nitro-burning motorcycle riders will make their way to this event from all parts of the country.” This is going to be an incredible event,” said  multi-time Hill climb World Champion Kerry Peterson. It has been said that more than 200 riders are expected to attend as they chase after over $100,000 in cash and prizes in the series.

This will be our chance to show off our best Carnegie riders. They are the ones who know the Carnegie terrain most intimately even if they have never attempted to climb this particular hill. They have proven to be some of the best hill climbers in Northern California and are mostly long time Carnegie riders. You can’t ride at Carnegie without being exposed to the most gnarly hills on the west coast. They say that if you can ride Carnegie you can ride anywhere. Come and watch some of our best riders try to beat the national champions.


For the opening round of the NAHA RacerX Suzuki Hillclimb Nationals, Adult tickets are $15, Kids 7-12 are $10 Kids 6 and under are free. Gates open at 7am on both Saturday and Sunday. About N.A.H.A.: The North American Hillclimbers Association is a non-profit membership organization whose events are sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association.

27331755_10155115631450796_2028300249003742908_n The Horne family is celebrating their 20th and last year promoting hill climbs at Carnegie.  This hill climb and verticross event is scheduled for March 17, 2018. It will be a one day event but if it rains on Saturday it will be rescheduled for Sunday. See:

This is the result of the ending of a family dynasty. The Horne family has done this for a long, long time. Most folks don’t remember a time before Skip Horne was synonymous with competitive hill climbing at Carnegie. They will all be dearly missed.


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